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What makes myokinesthetic system work?
We know the brain works off negative feedback. Each time we stand up to gravity, the brain receives information from the rest of the body. If we lift something wrong something can happen to your body. A muscle on one side becomes short while a muscle on the other side of the body lengthens to compensate. The brain now tells other muscles where to go in relation to these muscles so we can stand as straight as possible with the least amount of pain.

With the myokinesthetic treatment we are trying to find the cause and clear it so all the compensations will clear away. We stimulate each muscle along one nerve pathway, so the nerve endings within the muscle will send a signal to the brain that says"There's a change happening here." The brain receives this information and makes changes to the body. We have cleared the cause and many compensations by stimulating the muscles along the nerve. You get better balance, greater range of motion, and a decrease in pain that lasts if it comes back at all.

The treatment is quick, it only takes 20-30 minutes and does not require you to disrobe, or use any oils or lotions. Everyones body is different so it takes between 2-12 sessions to keep the decrease in pain if it comes back at all.

Deep tissue massage:

Deep tissue massage uses slow strokes and strong pressure on the muscles. This relieves the patient of chronic tension and knots. More than one session may be necessary to cure chronic tension.

Sports massage:

Sports massage reduces pain, promotes relaxation, and prevents injury in athletes.

Swedish massage:

Swedish massage is a relaxing, flowing, soft pressure massage. If you want to lay back relax and feel stress flow away call me for a swedish massage.

Trigger point therapy:

Trigger points are knots that develope in muscles through overuse or injury. The massage therapist eases pain by applying pressure to the trigger points, which calms the nerves and relaxes the muscle. Multiple sessions may be necessary for the best results.

Chair massage:

With a massage chair a practitioner can perform seated massages. The patient does not need to disrobe and oils are not used.

Prenatal/ pregnancy massage:

This massage is designed for pregnant women either propped with pillows or side laying possitions. This massage reduces stress, decreases swelling in the arms and legs, and relieves pain in the back, muscles and joints.


30 minute massage
1 hour massage
1.5 hour massage



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